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  Thank You for Making 2024's Tee for Two Unforgettable!

Our annual Tee for Two was a big success this year. As mentioned we had 24 teams this year and we are hopeful that we will be able to add to the 24 teams next year.

Next year will be our 30th Tee for Two challenge and we are planning to make it a memorable event for everyone involved.  

Our Gala dinner at the Tee for Two is always a highlight and this year was no different. Our theme was Hollywood a night with the stars. Johan and his team knocked it out of the park, the food and décor was fantastic. 

Everyone ate, drank and danced to the music of The Gentry our live band for the evening.

I would like to congratulate all of our Prize winners, it is tough to keep it together as a better ball team for 3 days in a row.

Lastly, well done to our staff. The Pro Shop team, F&B team and Green keeping staff did a fantastic job to ensure our participants had a wonderful week.

Our save the date for the 30th Tee for Two will be going out soon.

 This week's golf results

Betterball Variation - Both to count on par 3s       

Position Team H.caps Pts
1st  Steph Barac  
Karin Barac
48 c/i
2nd Hennie Dirker
Frans Klopper
48 c/o
3rd Robbie Robinson  
Marie Robinson  

Nearest the Pin

Nearest to pin # 9: Tanya Adams                                                                                  
Nearest to pin # 16: Leon Matthee 

  Retail Corner

When it comes to golf equipment majority of us always want the latest driver that can help us bomb it down the fairway every time or the latest wedges that are forgiving yet generate tons of spin around the greens. Yet, one common mistake we often tend to make is to forget about the “15th club in our bag” our golf ball. Each ball has its own characteristics that have been designed for a specific type of player.

Callaway have just launched their new range of premium Chrome golf balls. There are three golf balls in the range. The Chrome Tour, Chrome TourX and Chrome Soft. We have all three stocked, ready and waiting for you.

Swing by the Proshop and let us help you find the ball that will help you play your best golf!

  Great feelings
  What are you thinking?

When you’re faced with this shot; what are you thinking? Are you “hoping” it might finish close, but prepared to be “grateful” if it finishes on the green?

If you don’t feel confident with this shot, please know the smallest technique improvements make a huge impact on how you experience the game on the golf course.

    Feel better before and after
Let us change how you feel even before you play this shot. Let us remove the doubt or fear of failure. Let us give you real confidence.

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Golf is a great game because it’s for all ages. It’s for all skill levels. It’s for men and women. The right equipment for your game changes your experience out on the golf course. If you’re an experienced golfer with a more moderate swing speed, please contact us to set up a XXI0 13 experience.

Contact us

  Take advantage of tech
  Iron play can be a lot easier

Modern iron faces have larger hitting zones. So when you don’t strike it on-centre, your ball speed is still up and your target still within reach. We can make it easier for you to hit closer to the centre.

Ask about lie angle

    One fit for better impact
Knowing your irons have you covered for off-centre strikes is great, but you double your advantage when your lie angle is correct. It helps you to square the face at impact and make full use of those forgiving iron faces.

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