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Sunday, 16 June 2019


14 July 2018
AM: 4ball alliance
1st Chris Mouton, Anton de Kock, George Haward, Leon Basson (92)
2nd Vinay Lala, George Evangelou, I Anastasiadis, Zash Ebrahim (90)

PM: 4ball alliance 2 count
1st Tony Yared, Louis Furter, Allan van Zyl, Peter Goodman (90)
2nd Gert van Wyk, Gawie Spies, John Lubbe, Pieter Els (89)

15 July 2018

Competition Format : IPS
1st Michael Hayward (43)
2nd Ludwig Harthegen (39)

Race to Wingate Standings

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To help you find the perfect partner for you on the putting green, we’ve highlighted the importance
of matching balance to your putting stroke; and then ensuring the visual appeal is right BEFORE we get to a fitting.
But now we need to look at the length of the perfect partner for you.

Two putting styles, same golfer, two Putter lengths required. The style on the left is a pendulum style,
while the one on the right has the stroke controlled by the left shoulder and elbow.
What if I told you that many, not some but many, golfers are playing with a Putter too
long to encourage the proper rotation and therefore can’t square the face at impact?
Making sure your Putter length suits your putting style, setup and size will allow you to make a 
technically sound putting stroke and to repeat it time after time.
That doesn’t just lower your scorecard, it brings you the thrill of more Putts that drop.


If you’ve already shown the athletic ability to get to 90 or threaten that score,
then it’s highly likely that we can help you improve your swing quickly to the point that you’re in the low 80’s.
The question is how quickly and easily?


If that’s a golf experience that appeals to you, then please don’t wait.
Start the journey to hitting even better golf shots. 



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