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EOGA tip of the week

With Chalton Steyn (EOGA Killarney)

The Importance of the correct placement in the left-hand grip

Players often make small mistakes in the set-up, that lead to big issues down the line during the golf swing.
One of these mistakes is the placement of the grip in the left hand. The left-hand grip plays a really big role in our ability to not only deliver a square club face into the ball consistently, but it also has an effect on our power.

1. The biggest mistake

Placing the club in the palm of the left hand when gripping the club is probably your biggest error here.

Below is an image of incorrect placement: you will notice how the club is in the palm.
Let’s do a small experiment:
Pick up something around you that has reasonable weight (like a bag or backpack) and notice that you most likely grabbed the object in the base of your fingers. The reason for this is basic anatomy: we cannot successfully use our wrists nor forearms if we don’t grip an object in our fingers.

2. What effect does this have on your golf?
If you are gripping the club in your palms and you are unable to successfully utilise your forearms and wrists, it will compromise your backswing. We find all kinds of faults, such as the left arm breaking down or the left wrist getting really “bowed”, which lead to complications down the line.

 Below is an image of what that would look like:
Instead you should grip the club in the base of your fingers. Notice how much easier it is to use the wrists and forearms.

This would look like the image below:
This will really help you to get the left arm in a better structure during the backswing, as well as at the top of the backswing. It will also allow the left wrist to be in a neutral position, which ultimately makes it easier to get the club face in a good position.

Like this:
Last tip:
If you notice you wear your glove out quickly in the palm of the glove, it’s a good indication that the grip is in the palm. Give this simple tip a try and let us know how it goes!

Contact your EOGA coach:
André at andre@eoga.co.za or 082 860 4977
Jean at jean@eoga.co.za or
071 355 9771

What matters most to you?

Last week we asked if you could answer one question. With the ability to be entirely anonymous. We wanted to know how you viewed your position on a simple continuum. Where do you see yourself on your golfing journey?
At one end there’s space for the person who sees golf totally as a competitive sport, and on the other end there’s those that see it as a social and recreational activity. We’re asking golfers to position themselves. Next month we’ll publish a SUMMARY of how our community of golfers see the game.

If you haven’t already done so
So, if haven’t given a response then please follow the link below. It’s a very short and very private survey – no personal details required – so go on
Answer now >

Think about your golf

The second statistic we want you to collect over 4 rounds, is your average score on Par 3s that are within iron shot range. If you missed last week’s article, and the first statistic click here.

If you’re often under 90 but struggle to get below 85 regularly, then there’s a good chance that becoming consistent on the Par 3s will get you there.
Two 3s and two 4s on your card and you’re doing well. Three 3s and provided your steady elsewhere  then you’re likely to be below 85.

Improvements you can make that pay off on any approach shot:
If we can make sure your rotation and ball striking is led by your large muscles and not your hands, then we can improve your consistency of contact and accuracy of result. There’re a number of consistent club and shot selection errors we see from less experienced or skilled golfers that often cost them a stroke per Par 3. It’s an easy fix. 
“Improving your ball striking consistency, club selection, and shot selection on Par 3s will have a big impact on your approach shot performance on every hole.” 

Book your skills assessment
Get an insight into your game. Discover what you could improve quickly. Let’s plan an improvement journey together.
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