On the tee with Trevor

Great talent and a great future for wonderboy,
Wilco Nienaber

Ernie Els couldn't say enough about his 19-year-old compatriot Wilco Nienaber, who was in the same fourball as him in round three of the $5-million Alfred Dunhill Links Championship over the Old Course on Saturday, even though he missed the cut by one.

"Great kid, great swing, great hands, great demeanour, great attitude and, believe me, he's got a great career ahead of him. He hits it so far," said Els of the rookie who turned professional just three months ago after winning 21 tournaments as an amateur, including the SA Amateur earlier this year, and rising to No 1 in the rankings.
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HNA News

Please take note of the important changes that have come into effect as from the 1st of October.

As part of the transition to the World Handicap System, we will be changing our maximum score allowed per hole, effective from the 1st October 2019, to a Net Two Over Par (sometimes referred to as a Net Double Bogey).
The current method of determining your maximum score for the hole is a maximum of 2 over par, unless you have two Course Handicap strokes on a hole, in which case you must enter a 3 over par.

From the 1st October 2019, the maximum score on any hole for your Handicap Score will be a Net Two Over Par (or Net Double Bogey), which is equal to Zero Stableford points. (Note: a net score on a hole is your Gross Score less any Course Handicap Strokes you have on that hole, while a Bogey is a 1-over-par score.)

If a golfer has a Course Handicap of 18, they get 1 handicap stroke per hole, so they must enter a maximum score of 3 over par on any hole where they blow out. If a golfer has a handicap of 9, then on stroke holes 1 to 9 they must enter a maximum score of 3 over par on those holes and, on stroke holes 10 to 18, a maximum of 2 over par.
If you are in any doubt about maximum scores, please ask your club to assist you. Alternatively, you can enter your actual gross score on each hole on your HNA Phone App, the club terminal or at www.handicaps.co.za. The system will automatically adjust your score to your maximum allowed on a hole according to your Course Handicap when you press “Enter Score”.

The effect of this change to the maximum score allowed on a hole will result in Handicap Indexes, on average, going up. However, the simultaneous change of the Handicap Calculation to the average of the best 8 of the last 20 scores on the 1st of October (as covered in this previous newsletter), should ensure that the overall effect on your handicap over time will be minimal.
No more preferred lies/placing from 01 October 2019:
Preferred lies / placing will only be in play should the golf officials or tournament committee deem a certain area on the fairway as GUR and allow preferred lies / placing for a day or a season.

It has been decided by the Committee of Bloemfontein Golf Club that we will continue with placing until such stage that the fairways are good enough to warrant no preferred lies.

It is important to note that if it has not been communicated to you that there are preferred lies/ placing in certain areas, you assume that there is no preferred lie/ placing.

Raubex development

Bridging the gap

We're excited about the new developments underway. A big thank you to Raubex, who has made it possible to rebuild the bridge! The rain can no longer stop us from playing our beloved sport.


Betterball Matchplay

Meet your match

A big thank you to the Blair Group of Companies for their sponsorship. Please note that round 3 is to be completed by the end of October.

Upcoming events

On Tuesday the 1st of October we moved across to summer times.
• All Social Days, 1 Tee start from 06h30
• All Wednesdays, 11h00 to 13h00, Except for Business League & The Race to Sun City which remain from 10h30 to 12h30 ( Winter Times )
• All Saturdays , AM – 06h30 to 07h40 , PM – 11h00 to 13h00

Saturday the 12th is a B.B.B.B sponsored by K.W.V
Sunday the 13th is Social Golf followed by the Nomads from 11 am.

Wednesday the 16th is an I.P.S sponsored by the Club.

Saturday the 19th
is a B.B.S sponsored by N.T.T Nissan.

Turn up the radio!


Spoil someone special

Honey, we're going on holiday!

Before it's too late and spring is in full swing, make way for our Winter Special! This includes a bed & breakfast and a complimentary glass of red wine or gluhwein. Relax after dinner with a hot cup of coffee in the one hand and dessert in the other.

To book your winter retreat, call us on 051 8
71 4200 or info@blackmountainhotel.co.za.

Sundays are for golf

Make golf a family activity

Pack in your whole family for a grand day out on
the course every Sunday!
Book now >

Who will have the luck of the draw?

The next draw will take place on Friday the 11th of October...

The rollover draw has been replaced with a 50 ticket draw @ R10.00 per ticket, the winning number drawn, will win 50 % of the value of the numbers sold, and 6 Stella Artois beers.


Join the community!

Through these tough economical times, we at the Bloemfontein Golf Club have started implementing affordable ways of paying your annual membership fees. We have a monthly debit order facility that has been very successful.

Please give either Lodia or Carla a call at 051 447 0571, who will assist you in renewing your membership, or to become a new member.

Upcoming birthday celebrations

Happy birthday!

11 October: Dylan Williams, Theuns Wolmarans
12 October: Paul Greef
13 October: Richard Meyer
14 October: Pieter Pienaar, Francis Gibson
16 October: Derek Lunt
17 October: Simeon Snyman


Who's been winning at the club?

Saturday the 05th of October was a Medal / I.P.S
Sponsored by the Blair Group of Companies
A-Division (0 to 9 handicap)

1st with a 70 net was Graeme McLaren (winning the c/o being the lowest handicap)
2nd with 70 net was Rudi Besselaar
3rd with 70 net was Gert Henning

B-Division (10 to 15 handicap)
1st with a 67 net was Allan van Zyl
2nd with a 68 net was M.C Pienaar
3rd with 69 net was Eugene Saffy

C-Division (16 handicaps and upwards)

1st with 39 pts was Sakkie Wannenburg
2nd with 38 pts was Les Sackstein
3rd with 37 pts was Piet Pienaar

Wednesday the 9th of October was The Stella Artois Business League  
1st with 95 pts was New Shop Creations
2nd with 92 pts was Nexia SAB & T
3rd with 91 pts was Hatfield Bonsmara

League results

Below are the Pool winners of the Free State Ladies League at Kroonstad. The final will be played against Bethlehem later in the year. Marita Cawood receives "most valuable player of the day award".

What are you buying?

There is something exquisite about finding the sweet spot with an iron. Everything feels so perfect in that moment.
Achieving that moment requires, returning the clubface square to the target with the sole square to the turf. That’s very difficult if the lie angle / shaft length combination is wrong for you.
Over 80% of golfers play with equipment that makes it more difficult to experience the perfect iron shot. You can change your experience. You can make more magic.

You can do this
Let’s get your irons checked. Let’s help you make sure you have a setup that makes it easier to create more magical moments. Come and see us. Call us, or
Book an equipment assessment >

Consistently better

From the top, which part of your body initiates the downswing? Many get into a good position at the top, but then allow the
downswing to start with their arms or even hands.
This is a good position. A downswing started
with the arms.
You want accuracy and consistency of ball strike with approach shots. That is much, much easier to achieve if the large muscles control your first movement back to the ball.

Easy to say, harder to do
Male golfers especially are conditioned to try and hit the ball with their arms and hands. I want all of you to take an #8 iron, get out on the range, hit balls, and to try and quieten your arms and hands. Try consciously hitting the ball with your “body” rotation. Notice how much more solid you can strike the ball. Practise this.  
Contact us >

A career in golf



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