It's frosty on the fairways

Don't break the slice

During the early hours of the Winter Mornings the Fairway might be a bit frosted. If you see any frost, try and stay on the side of the fairways.

Put your golf knowledge to the test

Know your Birdies from your Eagles

Our family is growing

Say hello to our newest club members


Good reason to swing by

Make the most of our Greenfees Special

Heard the exciting news? Don't miss out on our July Greenfee Specials on Mondays and Tuesdays. For just 200 pp, book your tee-time at the Pro Shop.

You can play too, kiddo!

Teach your kids to love the game

There is no better way to bond with the family than a fun golfing experience together. So, why not introduce your junior to the game?  Contact us to sign them up.

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Are you keen to mix things up a bit?

Let's go on a golfing adventure

We are proud to have reciprocity with a several clubs, so that you can enjoy the ultimate golfing experience. Take a look at the following clubs that we have reciprocity with


Your chance to conquer the course

Wingate Cup
24 August 2019

It's a date, baby!

A Night of Fine Dining
08 August 2019, 19:00

Treat a special someone to a night of fine dining at the Wingate Country Club. For just R600 per couple, you can enjoy a 4-course meal, along with a wine pairing.

Looking to spark the romance? Join us for a magical evening with good food and company.

RSVP before 01 August 2019.


Have a smashing good time at Social Tennis

The ball is in your court

Tennis is a game for everyone, make sure you are practicing correctly with Coach Hendrik.

Fun and games on the courts!


Who stayed in the race?

Congratulations to the winners of the Race to Wingate!

Who's been winning at Wingate?


Saturday, 20 July
Monthly Mug

1st: C Mouton JNR - 43 pts (R1000.00)
2nd: N Read - 32pts (R800.00)
BG: Abrie Ackerman - 72 Gross (R700.00)
3rd: R van Niekerk - 38 pts (R600.00)
4th: R Boersma - 37 pts (R400.00)
Runner up BG : P Cooper - 74 Gross (R200.00)
6th: G Neiteler - 36 pts(c/o) (R100.00)

Sunday, 21 July 2019

1st: K Vymetal & M Figueira - 44pts (R400.00)
2nd: A Heymann & J du Toit - 43pts (R200.00)

Centre of Gravity (CoG) matters

It's why an assessment and fitting matters
If two drivers with exactly the same loft and shaft can have a difference of 20 plus metres in how far you hit the ball off the tee, then there’s one irrefutable conclusion.
What you should be buying is metres, NOT a driver. Yes, every time you’re buying a driver, we should be helping you to find the configuration that maximises your ball speed and then matches that to an angle of launch and spin rate on the ball to get you the biggest distance improvement without you losing control.
Matching swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate on tee shots, will make up to 40 metres of difference for some golfers. How much difference would it make to you?

Come and grab some metres
Get every metre off the tee your potential deserves. Come and have a tee shot assessment and let's see how we can add 20, 30 and even more metres to your tee shots.
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A better life for them

The family connected
We are living in the middle of the greatest and most exciting revolution the world has ever seen. The digital and AI revolution is impacting on society and the way human beings are connected. But there has to be a balance. Your children need to have a way of staying connected with their family in all sorts of real-world ways.

Let us add balance
Have your child enroll into one of our group sessions to learn to play golf, and we’ll have them outdoors, interacting, learning new skills, and having a whole stack of fun they can take out onto the golf course. They won’t stop playing computer games, but for a couple of hours each time we’ll have them off the phone, out from in front of the screen, engaging in fun activity.
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