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Dear Members,

What a great start to 2023! With most of our members back from holiday and the return of our ‘swallow’ guests, the vibe at the Club has been immense and has certainly brought a smile to the faces of all staff members.

  Club competitions and social events

A lot of planning has gone into member fixtures for the year. There are some new and exciting fixtures that we believe will increase member participation and support throughout the year.

  Changes to rules

There have been some changes to the Rules of Golf for 2023 and we deem it important for all members to not only be informed but also understand these changes.

One of the main rule changes is in relation to the information on a scorecard and the responsibility of the player and the tournament committee.

View the changes

Feel free to contact me should you have any questions or need additional information.

 Adherence to course rules

We wish to remind you of the tremendous amount of time and effort put into the manicuring and upkeep of this beautiful course. Besides having issues with cigarette butts strewn over the course, we constantly get reports of golfers not adhering to the rules when it comes to golf cart traffic regulations. Please assist us in the management of this by adhering to the rules and also making sure that the players around you do the same.

 To new challenges

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that we will be saying goodbye to Jaco Theron our Assistant Director of Golf. Jaco has been part of the team for the last 4 years and has asked me to thank all the members for their wonderful support and kindness.

Jaco has accepted a new challenge and will be joining the Flightscope Team. We wish both Jaco and his wife Leandri all the best in their future endeavours.

 Lievens Restaurant next week

The De Zalze Winelands Classic, a well-supported and auspicious event, takes place on Wednesday and Friday next week in Lievens restaurant, and on Saturday, 4 February on the marquee lawn. The teams have been hard at work, and it was decided that to ensure a successful event, we need to focus on the preparations for all three evenings.

Lievens restaurant will therefore serve the last lunch orders at 14h00 on Wednesday and Friday. The Pizza Terrace will remain open for sit-down pizza orders on both evenings.

We are very excited about the last of the three events and we know that the Gala Dinner will be a phenomenal experience. We are expecting over 200 guests for dinner on the marquee lawn on Saturday, 4 February, so there will be no restaurant or bar service. The restaurant and kitchen will be closed to all but the attendees of the Winelands Classic.

 More on the classic

We have received an overwhelming response from our sponsors, and we cannot wait to share with you the amazing prizes and offerings each of them brings to the table. Please keep an eye out on our social media pages and WhatsApp group, where we regularly share details about our sponsors.

We wish to acknowledge the immense support received from Kleine Zalze over the last few years. The Winelands Classic would not be possible without the generous contributions and involvement of the Kleine Zalze team. Year after year, they get onboard with prizes, auction items and table wines. We are looking forward to enjoying dinner across all three days, with the phenomenal wines Kleine Zalze is offering.

  Tickets, tee-off times and dinner

We urge you to ensure that you have booked the relevant ticket for each of the three events and that you then contact Carmen to secure your tee-off time.

The system of booking was implemented as a control measure, as to avoid having to chase members for payments long after they have enjoyed the festivities of the week. We understand that technology can be a daunting thing for many of us, and we know that online bookings with shopping carts in the clouds and payments with the tap of a button might cause some confusion. We urge you to contact our Marketing and Events Manager who is more than willing to assist in loading the My Club Account website onto your phone as a home screen icon for ease of use in future.

As a golf club member, you must register on the My Club Account site, using your email address and preferred password. Once registered, please log in and use the menu option Validate membership to verify your membership number. All three events in the Classic series can be found under Events and Ticketing. Once you have selected the event for which you wish to book, please select the relevant number of tickets and tap on Add tickets. You will now be required to complete the details of all ticket holders, or simply select Copy 1st ticket info. Next, simply Add to cart and proceed to payment. If you have funds available in your levy account, you will be able to use them as a payment method. Alternatively, please use your debit or credit card.

Our Marketing and Events Manager will receive confirmation of your booking and request details of the other players in your fourball. Please provide accordingly to ensure that our records are correct.

Table seating
Dinner on both Wednesday and Friday is in Lievens, so any table reservations must be made with one of the Duty Managers or waitrons. Imiké Crouse will assist in table seating plans for Saturday, 4 February. We urge you to email her any preferences or requirements in terms of being seated with your fourball etc.

Order of Events – Gala dinner
We will be hosting various sponsors on the terraces from 15h00 onwards, so join us for some pre-drinks and a bite to eat. We will allow time for the last fourballs to enjoy these offerings, before heading down to the marquee lawn. We would like to start proceedings just before 19h00 and therefore ask that all participants make their way to their tables timeously. There are fantastic Raffle and Auction items on offer, and we hope to receive a lot of support for this event’s great cause.

The Bullets will yet again provide an amazing performance once prize-giving has concluded, so bring those dancing shoes and enjoy a night under the stars!

Kind Regards,
Alfie Payne

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