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I want to thank all members for the warm welcome received during my first couple of weeks at De Zalze Golf Club. It was fantastic to meet you and great catching up with those members whom I have known for a couple of years.
In terms of the course, a couple of rainy days post-hollowtining combined with the lovely warm autumn days has been the perfect combination for the optimal recovery from the hollowtining process. Those members who have enjoyed the course over the last week would have noticed a few “special projects” taking place, that will undoubtedly enhance the playing experience for our members and guests.
One of these special projects is the maintenance and levelling of the members’ range, and although there is still some work to be completed, I am happy to announce that from Monday, the 15th of May certain sections of the range will be open for our members to practice from.

  Announcement: Assistant Director of Golf

  I am excited to announce that Randell Daniels has been appointed as our Assistant Director of Golf. Randell has been an integral part of the De Zalze golf operations over the last 6 years. His knowledge and passion for golf combined with his love for De Zalze and the membership made him undoubtedly the perfect person for this position.

Congratulations Randell on this well-deserved promotion and wishing you all the very best in your new role.

 Updated scorecards

Upon review of the current scorecard, it was found that the stroke allocation to each hole, as suggested by the World Handicap System (WHS) was not an accurate reflection of the difficulty of a hole. The board has therefore decided to move back to the stroke allocation based on historic data relating to the difficulty of a hole. I truly believe this will align with our regular competition formats and ensure fairer competition.

For our top tournament players, the plus strokes have also been amended, now giving them a better chance of making points on the holes they need to give strokes back on. From a design perspective, we have changed the outside display pictures and updated the local rules. There will be no change in the score-capturing side of the card as it conforms to all practical requirements of a scorecard.

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 Upcoming events

De Zalze and Kleine Zalze Culinary Event - Thursday, 25 May

Chef Robert Heeger and Chef Nic van Wyk of Kleine Zalze are teaming up for an evening of fun and culinary excellence! Each chef has selected ingredients that the other is to use in creating a dish. Book your seat and witness the two chefs produce top-quality dishes. Each course will be served with a carefully selected wine, which pairs perfectly with the ingredients.
Contact reception to book your spot as we can only accommodate 40 guests (021 880 7300).

Kind regards,
Abrie Swanepoel

 Your goal for your game...

What's the one part of your golf game you'd most like to improve?

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  Reasons to stay
  Driven to distraction

Whatever you’re going through in life, golf offers you a healthy outlet and an improved state of mind.

Golf on my mind
There are many stressors in life that can preoccupy us. But out on the course, you need only think about the next shot. Golf helps us to develop a single-minded focus. Whatever personal or professional worries may be on your mind, they can wait – on course, there are friends to meet and birdies to be made!

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    Think better golf
No matter how experienced you are, from complete beginner to years-long golfer, there is always something we can improve to help you enjoy your playing experience more.

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    What’s your dividing line?
Are you after more spin and feel, or are you chasing higher speeds and longer carry? Srixon’s new Z-STAR DIVIDE comes in two options, but whichever one you choose, you’re going to enjoy the view.

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  Your best angle
  More distance lies within you

Ideal lie angles differ from player to player but anyone can gain a few extra metres just by finding lie angles that suit their swing.

    Lie angle and true distance
Our ideal lie angles, like our swings, differ. A 61° lie angle might give you a perfectly straight and long ball flight, while the same lie angle for your buddy means they lose distance with a left-to-right ball flight.
You could lose up to 18 metres of distance by playing with an iron lie angle that’s 2 degrees too upright or too flat for your physique and swing type.

    Unleash your full potential
Once we’ve found the lie angle that suits your swing, you’re going to find it a lot easier to hit longer and straighter shots on a consistent basis. That’s good for your scorecard and for your enjoyment of the game.

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